Help Yourself to Trade Responsibly

Today, it is virtually impossible to turn to a news channel or radio station without hearing of trading, whether it is forex, CFDs, gold, oil, cryptocurrency and more. Even cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular forms of currency today that businesses allow individuals to complete payment of products and services using it. Although, […]

Efficient Tips for Managing Change in Schools

Change is inevitable in any environment, but improvements aren’t. As such, it is important for changes to always be made with an effective strategy in mind, especially in an educational environment where growth and improvement are essential. While teachers understand the importance of schools, change doesn’t always come easily to them. Things are particularly tricky […]

Studying to be an Actor: Here’s How to Hold On To Success!

If you’re studying to become an actor, you know that one of the most important things is to ensure you’re ready when that big first breakthrough arrives. On the other hand, you may not know that even harder than landing that first job is keeping your limelight lit – keeping yourself relevant when you’re an […]

What You Can Gain from Studying Integral Psychology

If you are interested in expanding your vision in order to improve your psychology practice, you should consider enrolling an integral psychology program. Some consider the unified theory of psychology to be a utopic dream which aims to build a peaceful world where all humans can flourish. However, rather than being a mere dream, the […]

Translation of Dibbendu Palit’s “Rajenbabu”

For Rajenbabu, were the days                                          Like nights, And the nights were the days.  Came every now and again— And pressed the bell with a force                                     More than usual. Neither a penance nor penitence   […]

‘‘In Quest Of Struts’’

The days I was young Are getting older with me The warmth of loving arms Are getting colder like a sea.   So foolish I am, asking the sky where you’ve lost the dark clouds That scared me of droplets in my bed But close to hands, they liked the shouts.    I dreamt of […]