Evaluate William Shakespeare as a Sonneteer

Shakespeare’s sonnets have enjoyed extravagant praise for their transcendent beauty and exquisite verbal melody. They have been criticised also particularly for their inanity and structural faults. But even then the amount of critical writing devoted to the sonnets is shaken only to that on Hamlet. There is perhaps no collection of English poetry has been […]

Depiction of Irish Life in Riders to the Sea by J. M. Synge

Riders to the Sea is one of the best one-act plays in which tragic vision of life has been depicted by J. M. Synge well. A proper analysis will show that as a dramatist Synge has given an accurate picture of the habits and beliefs of the poor sea-faring people in the islands of Ireland. The […]

Discuss the Elements of Paganism and Christianity in Beowulf

Before the advent of Christianity in England, the Anglo-Saxon literature was pagan or secular. So is the case with Beowulf. The work is definitely the product of a pagan poet, finally modified by interpolations by Christian monk who gave it a veneer of Christian characteristic. Indeed, the poem derives the power of its flavor and […]

Lawrence’s Treatment of Modern Psychology in Sons and Lovers

D. H. Lawrence is more prone to dealing with human psychology, unlike other modern novelists. In fact, it was Lawrence along with Virginia Wolf, who started describing the innermost workings of the human mind through a method which later on came to be known as the “stream of consciousness method.” One of the most important […]

A Comparison of Riders to the Sea with Greek Tragedy

Greek tragedies of Aeschylus and Sophocles present spectacles of human suffering in the backdrop of the huge machinery of inscrutable fate or the ever turning and inexorable wheel of necessity. Greek tragedy shows the essential pre-determination of the human situation on earth. In modern times, this Greek concept of tragedy lost favor with many of […]

A Picture of the Society as Depicted in Beowulf

Every work of art is a faithful picture of the society. The picture of social life given us in Beowulf is essentially primitive to fight valorously, to eat and drink well, to be soothed by music after the daily labor and then – to sleep. The men described are men of words, brave and loyal […]