A Critical Appreciation of the Poem “London” by William Blake

“London” is a poem in which Blake criticises the contemporary society which has become the symbol of oppression. The so-called liberty of which his countrymen are proud is nothing but “a chartered liberty” the natural and free growth of man is impossible. The evils of the then society have been exemplified by the chimney sweeper’s […]

Discuss the Treatment of Love in Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers revolves around the theme of love as presented in the novel is of two kinds; one is the love of mother for her son with its crippling effects on the emotional development of the son; the other is the love of the son going towards two women Clara and Miriam.; who represents two […]

Conflict between Good and Evil or the Three Fights in Beowulf

Beowulf is an epic concerning the adventures of a pagan Teutonic hero of the same name. The poem is mainly pagan in sentiment, but Christian poet who put it into writing throw over it a certain allegorical coloring. The main events in the epic are three fights that Beowulf has to fight against three dangerous […]

A Critical Appreciation of the Poem “The Tyger” by William Blake

The poem “The Tyger” is the masterpiece of William Blake’s poetry. It is a poem of six four-line stanzas. The poem illustrates Blake’s excellence in craftsmanship and descriptive skill. This poem is a fine specimen of Blake’s command over the production of musical notes. Each poem of Blake is described to be ‘a jewel casket […]

Treatment of Nature in William Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Shakespeare’s sonnets revolved around the themes of love and friendship and in most of the sonnets, nature provides the background, either by supplying the images or by showing the objective co-relative for them. In his Comedies and Tragedies, Shakespeare showed his deep interest in the workings of the natural world. King Lear or As You […]