Coleridge’s Use of Symbolism in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The greatness of a poet chiefly lies in his use of symbolism and imagery. Romantic poets have used different symbols to convey their attitude to life and nature, for they believe in a transcendental reality, an ideal world beyond the world of reality. Coleridge deals with the supernatural aspects of life as well as nature […]

Consider Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels as a Satire

Swift’s satirical masterpiece Gulliver’s Travels is a celebrated prose work in the form of a travel book. Swift’s real purpose in writing this book was to lash mankind for its follies, absurdities and evil deeds. The writer employs irony, mockery, ridicule, sarcasm and even invective as the weapons of attack, which is illustrated through different […]

Character Analysis of Belinda in The Rape of the Lock

Belinda represents the fashionable and aristocratic ladies of the time. She is a woman of superb beauty and charm. Early in the poem, she is compared to the sun (also at the beginning of the Canto II). The brightness of her eyes surpasses the brightness of the sun. The poet invests her almost with divine […]

Treatment of Nature in Sons and Lovers

D. H. Lawrence is regarded as one of the greatest nature-poets in the history of English literature. Lawrence in his descriptions of nature combines the genius of a painter with that of a poet. He is a painter in his technique and a poet in his attitude to nature. His observation of Nature is at […]

Synge’s Treatment of Life in Riders to the Sea

Riders to the Sea presents us an almost claustrophobic world where suffering reigns supreme in human life. This one-act play widens, deepens and universalizes the pathetic plight of a hapless people who have no other place to live except those dreadful islands off the shore of Ireland. Synge selected this remote Aran Islands as the […]

Beowulf as a National Epic

Beowulf is the earliest epic poem written in the English language. Although it is generally regarded as an epic poem, it is worthwhile to consider how far this long narrative poem about the exploits of Beowulf conforms to the Aristotelian conception of epic. An epic should be universal, taking in all of life and representing […]