How to Read Hamlet as an Unconventional Revenge Tragedy

Revenge is one of the primitive impulses of man. In a civilized society, this primitive impulse of being even with the wrongdoer is mistrusted because revenge goes against the grain of the concept of law and order. But revenge motive always attracted the dramatists, right from the days of Aeschylus to those of Shakespeare. The […]

Consider Measure for Measure as a Dark Comedy

It is almost a commonplace in Shakespearean criticism to isolate three of his comedies as a separate group and dub them as “dark comedies.” These three comedies are, All’s Well That Ends Well, Troilus and Cressida and Measure for Measure. When a play like Measure for Measure is called a dark comedy, the reference is at the atmosphere of vice and […]

A Study of The Aeneid as a National Epic unlike The Iliad

Introduction We must agree that any artist, however talented, cannot altogether avoid the influence of his age. He is to take into account the characteristics of his age. In other words having his root in the contemporary time, he is to express the thoughts and feelings of his mind. So is the case with both […]

Write a Note on the Predicament of Dido in Virgil’s the Aeneid

The composition of the Dido episode in the Aeneid is a remarkable aspect of this great epic, revealing Virgil’s originality in depicting this central woman character. Virgil is greatly influenced by Homer, no doubt, but Homer’s passive and unromantic attitude to Helen has left no impact on Virgil, while Homer depicts Helen as a symbol […]

Significance of the Aeneas – Turnus Conflict

The conflict between Aeneas, the Trojan hero and leader and Turnus, the Rutulian Prince and the leader of all Italian forces against the invaders is given towards the conclusion of the epic. It is, therefore, very much significant in the total scheme of the epic. The Aeneid is not a personal epic about Aeneas but […]

Aeneas’ Visit to the Underworld

Virgil has described Aeneas’ visit to the underworld in Book VI of The Aeneid. It has been considered as the greatest achievement of Virgil’s imaginative and poetic powers. The episode is the keystone of the whole of The Aeneid and without this episode, the poem would break apart into the two separate incomplete and unconnected […]