Treatment of Nature in Sons and Lovers

D. H. Lawrence is regarded as one of the greatest nature-poets in the history of English literature. Lawrence in his descriptions of nature combines the genius of a painter with that of a poet. He is a painter in his technique and a poet in his attitude to nature. His observation of Nature is at […]

Art of Narration in the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness is based on Conrad’s own experiences in the dark country known as the Congo which is itself at the heart of a dark continent. Although the novel has an autobiographical character, it is not just a straightforward narrative of his own voyage upon the Congo River. The main story of the book […]

Conrad’s Moral Vision in the Heart of Darkness

Conrad’s Heart of Darkness has all the trappings of the conventional adventure tale-mystery, exotic setting, and suspense. But as judged from an allegorical point of view, it is a journey within a journey into the darkness of the human heart. Marlow, Conrad’s representative in the novel, makes a double journey – one on the surface […]

Political Analysis of Naipaul’s A Bend in the River

V. S. Naipaul’s novel A Bend in the River is set in an unnamed African country which has just got its independence from the European power. He shows that the independence has removed the hope of eliminating ignorance. The people are no more genuine, they have become greedy and selfish, and their cultural identities are […]