Moby-Dick as An Allegory of the Quest on An Individual Soul

Moby-Dick is an engaging story of a man’s heroic pursuit and fights with a white whale. But the novel has a deeper meaning so that it can be interpreted as having a symbolic significance or an allegorical purpose. Although apparently, it is just a story of adventure on the sea, ending in the destruction of […]

Character Analysis of Captain Ahab in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick

Ahab is the central character in Melville’s Moby-Dick. He is a hero, whose actions are surrounded by the symbolic magnificence and whose fight with the white whale becomes a fight against the dark and terrible forces of nature. Ahab was the name of a wicked king in the Old Testament. Peleg explains that this name […]

The Narrative Method in Fielding’s Tom Jones

A reader cannot but be lost in the wilderness of characters and incidents that made up the epic novel, Tom Jones of Henry Fielding universally praised to be one of the masters of novels in English literature. He has presented life in its minutest details as he has observed without any presumptions. Tom Jones is […]

The Character of Tom Jones

Tom Jones is the hero of Henry Fielding’s best novel, Tom Jones. Tom’s character has given rise to sharp criticism from many eminent critics including Dr. Johnson. A victim of circumstances from the birth to the end, Tom is undoubtedly a charming character. A novel, being a picture of life through a story cannot and should […]