Local and Universal Appeal of J. M Synge’s Riders to the Sea

J. M. Synge’s Riders to the Sea is evidently and unquestionably a play with a distinct regional interest whose setting is an island off the west of Ireland. This island is one of a group of an island known as the Aran Islands. Acting on the advice of W. B. Yeats, Synge pays several visits […]

Depiction of Irish Life in Riders to the Sea by J. M. Synge

Riders to the Sea is one of the best one-act plays in which tragic vision of life has been depicted by J. M. Synge well. A proper analysis will show that as a dramatist Synge has given an accurate picture of the habits and beliefs of the poor sea-faring people in the islands of Ireland. The […]

A Comparison of Riders to the Sea with Greek Tragedy

Greek tragedies of Aeschylus and Sophocles present spectacles of human suffering in the backdrop of the huge machinery of inscrutable fate or the ever turning and inexorable wheel of necessity. Greek tragedy shows the essential pre-determination of the human situation on earth. In modern times, this Greek concept of tragedy lost favor with many of […]

Critically Comment on the Use of Symbols in The Tempest by Shakespeare

Through the use of symbols, an artist can express much more than would otherwise be possible. The symbols enable the artist to express the great by the use of the small, the infinite by the finite, the spiritual by the physical and the abstract by the concrete. Symbols increase the richness and deep of meaning, […]

Discuss the Character of Prospero and Briefly his Island in The Tempest

Prospero is the central character in the play The Tempest. Indeed, he dominates the play from the beginning to the end. The entire action of the play, barring some of the deeds of Antonio, Sebastian, Alonso, Gonzalo, Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo is manipulated by Prospero. Prospero is not an ordinary human being. Indeed he is […]

Discuss the Major Themes in Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Shakespeare’s The Tempest has been variously interpreted as a romantic comedy, a comedy concerned with such serious themes as justice and mercy, and as an autobiographical play. Many critics think that Shakespeare bid farewell to his dramatic career through writing the play The Tempest. Other critics have tried to find a colonial theme where Prospero […]