Comment on the Sources of Humor in As You Like It

One of the most prominent and interesting features of As You Like It is the three-fold manner in which humor is presented by Shakespeare. It is observed in this connection that the word “humor” is employed by Shakespeare in a different sense. Humor, as used by Shakespeare and his contemporaries, is a certain individual trait of […]

Synge’s Treatment of Life in Riders to the Sea

Riders to the Sea presents us an almost claustrophobic world where suffering reigns supreme in human life. This one-act play widens, deepens and universalizes the pathetic plight of a hapless people who have no other place to live except those dreadful islands off the shore of Ireland. Synge selected this remote Aran Islands as the […]

How to Read Hamlet as an Unconventional Revenge Tragedy

Revenge is one of the primitive impulses of man. In a civilized society, this primitive impulse of being even with the wrongdoer is mistrusted because revenge goes against the grain of the concept of law and order. But revenge motive always attracted the dramatists, right from the days of Aeschylus to those of Shakespeare. The […]

What are the Desires in “Desire Under the Elms?”

Desire Under the Elms is a highly realistic drama of O’Neill, the action of which takes place in the Cabot-farm-house in the New England. The main theme of the play is the variations of the word ‘Desire’. Every character in the play desires something. In the broader sense ‘desire’ signifies possessive instinct or passion. As […]

Theme of Passion in Desire Under the Elms

O’Neill’s Desire under the Elms has the qualities of an ancient classical tragedy. Although the characters of the play belong to an ordinary stratum of life, their circumstances are fully tragic as all of them are propelled by their passion to their inevitable doom. Although O’Neill’s character refers a sad fate, their sufferings are caused […]

Eugene O’Neill’s Concern with Psychological Problems with Special Reference to Desire Under the Elms

Eugene O’Neill has a great insight into the workings of the human psyche. In fact, the psychological aspect of his work supersedes all other considerations like sociological or political questions. O’Neill is a dramatist of the human psychology. His plays are, in a sense, close analysis of the psychological problems of various characters. All the […]

Discuss “As You Like It” as a Romantic Comedy

William Shakespeare wrote a number of romantic comedies of which As You Like It is the finest. A romantic comedy is a play in which the romantic elements are mingled with comic elements. While the romantic elements like delight and thrill enchant us; the comic elements make us laugh. Thus a romantic comedy is a […]