A Critical Appreciation of the Poem “The Tyger” by William Blake

The poem “The Tyger” is the masterpiece of William Blake’s poetry. It is a poem of six four-line stanzas. The poem illustrates Blake’s excellence in craftsmanship and descriptive skill. This poem is a fine specimen of Blake’s command over the production of musical notes. Each poem of Blake is described to be ‘a jewel casket […]

Treatment of Nature in William Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Shakespeare’s sonnets revolved around the themes of love and friendship and in most of the sonnets, nature provides the background, either by supplying the images or by showing the objective co-relative for them. In his Comedies and Tragedies, Shakespeare showed his deep interest in the workings of the natural world. King Lear or As You […]

A Critical Note on Medievalism in Christabel by Coleridge

Christabel is one of the remarkable supernatural poems of Coleridge, revealing medievalism features. The poem is medieval as far as its setting, background, theme, and atmosphere are concerned. The setting of the poem is essentially medieval in outlook. It deals with the story of a snake-like woman, an incarnation of evil, who casts an evil […]

Coleridge’s Criticism of Wordsworth’s Theory of Poetry and Poetic Diction

Introduction The most remarkable part of Biographia Literaria lies in Coleridge’s criticism of Wordsworth’s theory of poetry and Poetic Diction. While critically analyzing Wordsworth’s theory Coleridge has offered his own views on the choice of rustic, themes and characters as well as the language of poetry. Background In chapter XVII of Biographia Literaria, Coleridge refers […]

Consider William Blake as a Revolutionary Poet

Blake has often been described to be the “Precursor of Romanticism.” The Romantic poets of the nineteenth century struck a note of protest against the conventional literature as well as the social injustices. Blake, having written immediately preceding the Age of Romanticism, paved the way for them, at least for Wordsworth, Shelley, and Byron. Although […]

Consider William Blake as a Social Critic

Blake was a pioneer of romantic revival in English literature. He wrote lyrics and then prophetic poems but they were not to the taste of his time. He was the first to introduce the romantic note of mysticism in English poetry. He is a man of the age of transition. The French revolution had a […]