Distinctive Features of Anglo-Saxon Prose

The Anglo-Saxon invaders of Britain brought with them their old poetry, but there is no evidence of having possessed any literary prose tradition. The development of Old English prose does not, therefore, go back to the earlier Germanic origin, as the poetry does. It takes place wholly in England and largely as a result of […]

Impression of Sir Roger De Coverley as gathered from The Coverley Papers

The essays in the Spectator cover a wide diversity of subjects. They are a faithful reflection of the life of the contemporary time viewed with a dispassionate eye. All these essays are the best known in which the characters represent the new social life of England. Sir Roger De Coverley appears in about 35 essays […]

Burke’s Knowledge of America in His Speech on “Conciliation with America”

Edmund Burke has delivered two brilliant speeches on the American issues- the first one on Taxation and the second one on Reconciliation with America. The magnificent paragraphs in the speech on conciliation are devoted to the Americans, their numbers, their enterprises, their spirits and the sources from which it is sustained, are a purple patch […]

Addison’s Prose Style

Addison is ranked with the great prose writers of English literature. To his credit, he has a distinctive prose style. His style consists in the clearness, lucidity, and naturalness. He does not try to produce effects by straining. It comes to him spontaneously because he has an easy mastery of language. No pretentiousness, affectation, pompousness […]