Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need to take a course?

When it comes to studying literature, more specifically, preparing for exams after reading a text, you might wonder how to study, where to start from, or how to prepare materials for exams. Well, our courses are specially designed with step-by-step lessons that provide you with a proper guideline pulling you out of the fix. Your teacher or instructor may not always be there to guide you whereas replacing your teacher, these courses themselves guide you to take the best preparation for exams presenting all supporting materials you may need to have a clear understanding of any topic or a text.

Why do teachers recommend Hamandista Academy?

The reason teachers consider Hamandista Academy the best literature study guide is very simple and convincing. Teachers around the world face a common problem in the classroom. It’s obvious that there are students with different levels of understanding and capabilities in the same class. Besides, every student may have their individual style of learning (Intelligence). Most teachers get worried about how to address a heterogeneous class with the right approach to materials due to the shortage of time in the fixed duration of a class. However, the good news is our courses are designed with a special focus on multiple intelligences (A learning theory proposed by Howard Gardner) giving you the best feedback.

How does the approach of Multiple Intelligences work?

As it’s true that you enjoy learning through reading while your friend enjoys learning through watching or observing, Gardner proposes that learning materials have a variety so that different learners with different learning styles can be approached to bring the expected level of learning outcome.


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