Character Analysis of Raja in Clear Light of Day

Author: Maisha Rahman In Clear light of Day by Anita Desai, Raja is the most significant character. He is the elder brother of Das family supposed to be responsible, sincere and admirable. Instead of that he portrayed as an individual and non emotional being. However, it is true that he is determined, intelligent and smart […]

Discuss the Character of Prospero and Briefly his Island in The Tempest

Prospero is the central character in the play The Tempest. Indeed, he dominates the play from the beginning to the end. The entire action of the play, barring some of the deeds of Antonio, Sebastian, Alonso, Gonzalo, Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo is manipulated by Prospero. Prospero is not an ordinary human being. Indeed he is […]

Impression of Sir Roger De Coverley as gathered from The Coverley Papers

The essays in the Spectator cover a wide diversity of subjects. They are a faithful reflection of the life of the contemporary time viewed with a dispassionate eye. All these essays are the best known in which the characters represent the new social life of England. Sir Roger De Coverley appears in about 35 essays […]

The Character of Tom Jones

Tom Jones is the hero of Henry Fielding’s best novel, Tom Jones. Tom’s character has given rise to sharp criticism from many eminent critics including Dr. Johnson. A victim of circumstances from the birth to the end, Tom is undoubtedly a charming character. A novel, being a picture of life through a story cannot and should […]