A Comparison of Riders to the Sea with Greek Tragedy

Greek tragedies of Aeschylus and Sophocles present spectacles of human suffering in the backdrop of the huge machinery of inscrutable fate or the ever turning and inexorable wheel of necessity. Greek tragedy shows the essential pre-determination of the human situation on earth. In modern times, this Greek concept of tragedy lost favor with many of […]

Critically Comment on the Use of Symbols in The Tempest by Shakespeare

Through the use of symbols, an artist can express much more than would otherwise be possible. The symbols enable the artist to express the great by the use of the small, the infinite by the finite, the spiritual by the physical and the abstract by the concrete. Symbols increase the richness and deep of meaning, […]

Comment on the Sources of Humor in As You Like It

One of the most prominent and interesting features of As You Like It is the three-fold manner in which humor is presented by Shakespeare. It is observed in this connection that the word “humor” is employed by Shakespeare in a different sense. Humor, as used by Shakespeare and his contemporaries, is a certain individual trait of […]