Lawrence’s Treatment of Modern Psychology in Sons and Lovers

D. H. Lawrence is more prone to dealing with human psychology, unlike other modern novelists. In fact, it was Lawrence along with Virginia Wolf, who started describing the innermost workings of the human mind through a method which later on came to be known as the “stream of consciousness method.” One of the most important […]

Discuss the Treatment of Love in Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers revolves around the theme of love as presented in the novel is of two kinds; one is the love of mother for her son with its crippling effects on the emotional development of the son; the other is the love of the son going towards two women Clara and Miriam.; who represents two […]

Treatment of Nature in Sons and Lovers

D. H. Lawrence is regarded as one of the greatest nature-poets in the history of English literature. Lawrence in his descriptions of nature combines the genius of a painter with that of a poet. He is a painter in his technique and a poet in his attitude to nature. His observation of Nature is at […]