Character Analysis of Raja in Clear Light of Day

Author: Maisha Rahman

In Clear light of Day by Anita Desai, Raja is the most significant character. He is the elder brother of Das family supposed to be responsible, sincere and admirable. Instead of that he portrayed as an individual and non emotional being. However, it is true that he is determined, intelligent and smart enough but we can justify him from both positive and negative perspectives.

From the Positive Perspective

               If we look at the bright side, Raja is the most modern boy. He is capable enough of moving forward in his life. As he has passion for reading poetry and Urdu language which is the reason for the attachment of Hyder Ali Sahib. Being a follower of Hindu religion he accepts Muslim culture that is the evidence of marrying Benzir, Hyder Ali’s daughter. In spite of knowing the political conflict between Hindu and Muslim he never wants the division rather expects for bonding of two races. He is positive enough rather than his other siblings like Bim and Baba whereas he is more attached Bim. Both are literary personalities like reading poetry but are not similar in their own life. Raja being the eldest person in Das family wants to move forward in his life and realizes his existence in this universe. In fact he has an absolute right to think of his own. He is seen as a strong, capable, relentless individual and does not fail to display his true self. In the future he is the most successful businessman and family man a father of three children.

From the Negative Perspective

               From the negative perspective, Raja being a progressive boy is not like his other siblings. He is completely different from them. In spite of his strong attachment with Bim he has left her in the Das house alone. He is supposed to extend his hand to Bim instead of that he has moved forward to his life and has become more modern man. His commercial attitude towards Bim appears to the readers as a strange and selfish. He has forgotten what Bim is for him. Under the firm attachment with Hyder Ali and his gatherings he can not recall the blissful moments in Das house, Bim’s take care during his sickness. His progressiveness becomes priority in spite of knowing the fact. How come an elder brother can leave his beloved ones under unavoidable circumstances? That is actually a firm fact. Being an absolute man he has every right to think of his own and it is the only reason of a person’s selfishness and over ambitions. Raja is an example of it.


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